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Library Restore 6.0.0 Windows 10 > Catalina

Hello guys, would be super happy if someone could help me here

Here is the issue, i have ran recordbox off my 128GB external drive on my windows PC, the Drive is FAT32 to allow compatability with MacOS and i also export my recordbox library to the drive so it can be used plugged into CDJS (the files are not duplicated)

recently my windows PC died, and i cant access recordbox on it to export the libary, however looking at my 128GB FAT32 Drive, it has the libary Database on it, however when i restore on recordbox it doesnt give me the option to select the master.db or master.backup.db files, i am only able to access file ending with .edb, so ive tried changing the .db extensions to this but recordbox sais it cant read the file or its uncompatable

when i bring in the other files with .edb like for example datafile.backup.edb it loads my library from recordbox 5 before i mitigated to recordbox 6, but does not say its an old library, is dated for the day before i upgraded and no tunes that i added in recordbox 6 are there... seems to be that pioneer was not fully ready to launch recordbox 6 as i have the FULL DATABASE and all Database files which are dated last edited may 13 (the day my laptop died)

recordbox was not running when my computer died, its unrelated, i had closed recordbox and shut down for the night before this issue happened, the computer never booted again since the AM on the 14th


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Any instructions you may have found to restore a backup edb file were from rekordbox 5; the database in rekordbox 6 is different.

Did you migrate the rekordbox 6 library to the external drive as well?

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