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I Love this machine except for the annoying CLICKS AND POPS when looping short samples or slice pieces but not necessarily just short samples.

I've tried everything and nothing seems to help. This is THE ONE THING that definitely needs to be addressed and fixed somehow. Many users are expressing frustration with the CLICKS AND POPS ISSUES and I am sure most of us that are voicing this issue are familiar with how to find clean looping points in a sample.

Also when using the time stretch on a sample/loop and changing the pitch it will introduce unwanted artifacts clicks and pops. When I import a loop that I made in my daw it will double time the loop sometimes. Very annoying as well.

THE CLICK AND POPS PLEASE! and improve the time stretching algorithm.

Thank you.

Alexander Alarcon Answered

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Hi Alexander, I hear that this is frustrating for you.  These are known to the engineers.  Just to be on the absolute safest side, I do have to double-check that your start and end points of samples and loops are at "zero crossings" where the volume of the waveform is 0. That's the number one reason why samples will click, if the start, end, and loop points are not at zero-crossings.

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