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Rekordbox 6 Android !!!!!!

I know there's already been a post for this but you've blocked it for comments or vote, making it impossible for people to let you know that this is a major issue.

Maybe the iOS marketshare is bigger amongst famous DJs but your new offering is clearly targeted at a much larger community than that.

Android is constantly gaining marketshare and as someone who used Apple phones for many many years, I've made the shift two years ago and can't think of any reason to go back, as Android has gotten so much better than iOS in so many ways, including in terms of UX.

Yet, I'm a producer and a DJ... Whaddya know.

As for the fragmentation : no one is asking you to support every single Android phone/OS combinations out there. With recent phones and OSs fragmentation is a non issue.

I signed up for your paid subscription ONLY because I thought it would make it possible for me to organise my playlists and prepare my tracks on the fly, even though I've already paid for Rekordbox and spend thousands of euros in XDJ products.

Let it be said also that your communication really doesn't make it clear that you don't offer an Android app...

Seriously, as someone who's spent lots of money on your systems, I feel insulted to be left out of the feature I've been waiting for for years because I don't use the absolute most expensive (and definitely no longer best) telephone brand. 


Edward S Here Answered

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Here's the thing... it's not just the OS fragmentation, it's the hardware as well. If we were to produce an Android app and said "Sorry, this only works with Samsung and LG handsets produced since 2018, and they must be running Android version 10 or 11," you guys would still be just as upset about it.

It's difficult to create a consistent experience across all variations of the hardware and software, whereas iOS and Apple devices are within a very narrow margin.

I thank you for being passionate about this, and I also thank you for understanding why this hasn't been done yet.

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