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Wishlist features: dynamic bpm adjustment and per Track pattern length

I've only had the sp16 for a few months, so not sure what's been requested in the past. 


I import some samples that haven't been properly trimmed and it seems like the sp16 automatically detects the bpm and sets it as fixed unless I resave the sample with the corrected bpm as a new file.


I'd like the ability to 'correct' the auto detection without having to resave everytime if possible.


Also would like the ability to adjust the length of individual tracks. 




I think you guys made a sleeper classic with this unit, it's a lot of fun to use and I hope you keep supporting it for a long time. It sounds really good and just needs some further software tweeks to get the most out of it.




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Hi, thank you for your helpful feedback.  Yes, the "individual track lengths" request is very high on the wish list. The R&D team is aware of this one!

That's interesting about the auto BPM detection on imported samples, I suppose that is workflow enhancement trying to save you time, but the machine assumes that imported samples are properly trimmed.  I will pass that information along to the R&D team.  Perhaps that can be addressed in a future update in the form of a BPM autodetect bypass option.



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THanks for the reply. Yeah, the thing is that I don't always clean up the samples before importing, and I also sometimes need to make adjustments to files I've sampled directly on the sp16. 


Also another question, is there a way to have the beat repeat touchbar play in triplets and print the repeats to sequencer?

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