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Auto Relocate Map Select not working - Auto Relocate nog working.


I recently started with a fresh Windows 10 install and after re-installing RB6  I realized I did nog make a database back-up (XML).

So what I did was plug in my RB USB and imported all playlists and tracks. This all went smooth,

The files that have been exported to the USB are all stored on a external HDD (H:), so I knew what map I had to choose to auto-relocate. When I went into the settings and selected H: as my auto relocate location. After a while half of my tracks were found but half weren't. So i decided to look what went wrong and I noticed that the still missing files were in one or two folders on the HDD. So I manually selected those maps and pressed auto relocated. I inmidiatly noticed that it was searching the same maps over and over again and all of those were random maps on the HDD. 


My question is WHY? I can select a map of my choise where my files are but the program will just search some random maps on a whole disk in some sort of loop (and this takes about an hour). Please fix this or give me a suliton. 




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If the only change was the drive letter / main path, you should have selected the manual relocation. Take a look at the location rekordbox thinks they're in right now (show the path column) and post a screenshot.

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