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Can I have my DJM 750 MK-2 to run Rekordbox Performance controlling 2 CDJs 350 and a DDJ-400 controller at 4 decks Format?

I have bought a DDJ-400 controller but wanted to upgrade to more than 2 decks. 

I was wondering if I could buy a 750 MK-2 mixer, a pair of CDJS (350 or 900) and play those with the DDJ-400 in a 4 deck format inside RekordBox. 

That is because the CDJs don't have the waveform display, and I wanted to have the waveforms of both CDJs and the controller all together.  


Many thanks. 

Pedro Salek Answered

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Yes, you could use those CDJs as controllers in conjunction with the DDJ, and configure the DJM as your audio device for mixing.

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