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Lost all My Tags and unable to add new tags

Hello, After playing tracks from a USB on my XDJ RX2 and adding some hot cues, I connected my USB to rekordbox and in sync manager used the arrow for "CUE GRID INFO" to transfer the cues into Rekordbox. After doing this all of my tags have disappeared from every single track that was tagged (including those that I did not add hot cues to while using the RX2). This includes the tag info written to the comment field. Now I am unable to add tags to tracks, or even edit the tags themselves in the my tag configuration window. I am using a 2016 MacBook running Sierra 10.12.6 / Rekordbox 6.0.0 Please help!
Franklin Giesbrecht

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There are some issues with MyTag. I recommend you try the beta, 6.0.1 to try and recover the tags. 

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