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Streaming with OBS + DJM-S9 + DVS (MWM Phase) (Windows)

Hello I followed the guide located here:


and have successfully gotten my DJM-S9 to route audio through to OBS but now my MWM Phase does not work. I have checked the input settings and it seems I am unable to select PIONEER DJ DJM-S9 ASIO : CH1 Control Tone CD/LINE and PIONEER DJ DJM-S9 ASIO : CH2 Control Tone CD/LINE as options to pickup the PHASE signal. I have turned on the Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 Master, Out and In inside of asio4all but still can't seem to select it.


Settings are as follows:


Audio: ASIO4ALL v2

Sample Rate: 44100 Hz

Buffer size: 256 Samples (5.8 ms)

All Input Channels: -


Output Channels

Deck1: L: VoiceMeeter vaio 1

           R: VoiceMeeter vaio 2


Deck2: L: VoiceMeeter vaio 3

           R: VoiceMeeter vaio 4


Deck3: L: VoiceMeeter vaio 5

           R: VoiceMeeter vaio 6


Deck4: L: VoiceMeeter vaio 7

           R: VoiceMeeter vaio 8


Output Sampler Deck:L: VoiceMeeter vaio 1

                                R: VoiceMeeter vaio 2


Preview: in the middle

Control Device Information: Phase

                                       Pioneer DJ DJM-S9


Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated and thank you for your time and assistance concerning this matter.


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