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4.5.0 Drama

So I have a friend that is not computer savvy at all. He's using 4.5 and has done a lot of work importing and analyzing tracks. A lot, like 800GB. His problem really was how he started his library in the first place. He would get new music, drag and drop and leave the folders on the desk top! He recently dragged all those folders into one and had asked me to have RB point to it, still on the desktop. I did that but now it's not playing any of the music in the playlist. When I first started helping him I had no idea he was working with 4.5. I know there is no easy way to get to six 6 but do you thing the situation is salvageable to get RB to see everything now, back up everything, download 6 and then perhaps all the library work he did can be saved and imported? HELP


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