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“Unable to load database” Rekordbox 6.0

I don’t know why I have this message. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I don’t know if the programme has crashed or is taking its time to process something. The programme gives me know idea why it’s stopped working. I just want a stable product I can rely on. I just want to enjoy a mix instead of being anxious will an operation complete. If I’m doing something wrong, or haven’t followed something correctly, I want to know what it is and not play guessing games.

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Yes, all issues are related. Specifically this was a converted library (to RB6) done on one computer that wouldn’t read on another. Both RB6. I have now converted and seems* to work. However, one of my computers now won’t update to 6.0.1 - says that there are no new updates in update manager?

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