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Rekordbox 6 + DDJ-1000: Channel Level random issue

Edit: Seems last Windows update fixed this issue as I don't see anymore the channel level jumping randomly.


Hi All,

I switched to Rekordbox 6 and I experience random Level issue on the channels.

First here are my settings:

- Controller: DDJ-1000 (firmware 1.07)

- OS: Windows 10 Home (just made a new install with all fresh drivers, etc. in case issue was related to the OS deployment)

- Auto-Gain: disabled

- Headroom: -9 db

So sometime, randomly, even when running multiple time in a raw the same track to confirm the issue, I have the following behavior (I tried form different channels with the same result and with WAV and FLAC files):

- channel VU meter level is as expected (hit the third yellow LED when gain is at 11AM)

- channel VU meter level is very low (cannot hit the third yellow LED when gain is at 1PM)

- channel VU meter level is very high (hit the second red LED when gain is at 1PM)

Any idea of the root cause?



Edit: I did not have this issue with Rekordbox 5.8

PM J Answered

Official comment


@PM J > If you can get this on video, please file an inquiry ticket here so our engineers can determine if this is something that needs to be addressed. So far, you're the first and only one (that I know of) to report this problem.

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No problem here, RKB 6 and DDJ1000 show perfect level.....

learn what is dBfs, the level meter show you headroom at -9dBfs......

IF you choose a headroom at -3dBFS, and gain à 11/12 a clock you will see the last red led "off" in DDJ1000 level meter . (the last red : 0 to -3"dBFS, the second led red, -4 to -6dBFS...)

so i think RKB6.0.0 and DDJ1000 level meter are right :)

Just understand that you use already an Headroom( -9dB...)



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if you think everything is alright, how can you explain that for the same track, at the same gain level and on the same channel (but does the same also on the other channels) would one time show 3 yellow, one time 1-2 yellow and one time 1-2 red.

The fact I did not have this behavior on RB5.8 makes me puzzled.

Interesting thing I noticed this evening: If I set the EQ to "Isolator" instead of "EQ" the issue disappears.

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