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Move Library freezing on Mac - Rekordbox OSX


Currently using latest OSX Rekordbox 6.0.1 stable release and also tried this on the new Beta version.

When attempting to Move Database (in Advanced tab in Preferences), after selecting external hard drive and choosing OK to warning about "this will take a long time", loading popup shows for "Moving Master Database".

Progress moves to 10% and gets stuck.  

I have also tried this operation on another MacBook, with fresh install of Rekordbox 6.0.1 and move library to a different external USB source. The operation also gets stuck at 10%. 

Please advise of a fix to move and run Rekordbox database from an external source.


Thank you for reading,

Tommy Ly Answered

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Also tried testing Restore library on Rekordbox 6.0.1. on Windows (from a Windows library).


Continue to get issues trying to Restore a library using latest version - but not freezing this time.

Restoring library with rekordbox_bak and rekordbox_bak.zip file leads to many files appearing as "File could not be located", despite files appearing in backup directory!

Manual effort required to manually re-associate each file to the backup location. This isn't feasible as there are more than 2.5k files which "could not be located".

Please advise how I can Restore my library (or move my library) from a Windows machine to another Windows machine... the current software from Pioneer is not functional.

Any support appreciated - thanks.

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