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Rekordbox 6.0.1 crashing

Hey Guys,


If I want to switch to export mode, or  rekordbox instantly freezes and doesn't respond anymore, same problem if u select a track in my library and want to drag an song to a deck. Is there anybody having the same problem? I'm running it on a macbook pro 13' with 3,3 ghz i7 16gb RAM so the laptop isn't the problem. The strange thing is that i can sync my itunes library and it also analyses everything without any problems.

Edit: Also the same problem when switching from dark to light mode or visa versa. 

Edit2: Now the display is entirely dark. see image

I've already tried to change the datafiles and to re-install it (also deleted the library files) but nothing works. 

Does anybody know this problem and know how to solve it?


Thijs Wijdeveld Answered

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