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Changing iTunes Library File location to reflect 'Music' layout


Currently using Rekordbox 5 (Latest version) and MAC OS Catalina.

As the new Apple 'Music' layout folder is different to the previous iTunes incarnation, i am proposing to move all my media to the new default location of Music > Media, replacing the previous iTunes > iTunes Media > Music.

Im worried that i will mess up my Rekordbox library by doing so as the location of the iTunes XML library file will still be set in the default location associated with iTunes.

Within the new music layout in Catalina, there is a "Music Library" file in the core music folder. Should i point the new location in Rekordbox to this?

Once i migrate my media across to the new default folder for Apple Music, do i need to ensure i copy anything also across also etc?

Once the migration is complete i was going to simply delete the old iTunes folder in 'Music' and continue with the new layout.

Hopefully this makes sense, i'm just conscious that as the Rekordbox layout in 5 still says iTunes Library in the sidebar as opposed to music, if i make changes to the old iTunes folder, Rekordox will not be able to see the new layout in music?

Thanks for your help



DJ Simon Murray

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