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2 birds one stone : set hotcue AND memory cue

Hi pioneer,

I just got a DDJ-RR (amazing piece of tech guys) and after reading the forums extensively, i understand that :

1- you cannot convert hotcues to memory cues natively (that's ok)

2- you cannot have a beatcountdown to hotcues (only to memory cues)

You guys confirm item 1 here:


That's not an issue if there's a way to set a hotcue AND a memory cue at the same time without having to resort to the keyboard. I tried midi mapping the "MemoryCue Set" function to my HotCue1, 2 etc (same for delete) and Rekcordbox tells me that it's already mapped to Hotcue1....

Is there a workaround other than my idea? I would really like to use the beatcountdown to memory cue along with my hotcues, without having to constantly convert hotcues to memory cues using the 3rd party app that writes tags via XML file....


Francis Truong

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