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Disappointed by locked features in Rekordbox 6

I just spent over 1000 on a DDJ1000 controller and am a long term Traktor user to date. I had expected to get a fully functional Rekordbox, except for cloud sync, without paying extra. I was very disappointed to find that sequencer save is locked out unless I spend 10 pounds a month on a subscription for a service I don't want or need. I know that this feature was enabled for the same hardware in v5 as my friend has it. By the way, when I told him about this he's said he won't be upgrading.

Removing a feature from people who have invested in your hardware ecosystem is frankly just something I cannot understand and just seems like a way to force people into your subscription service even if they don't want cloud sync.  It also makes me very worried about your plans for the future. Will you start to lock additional (previously included) performance features into the subscription plan? Would you care to explain the thinking behind this? Can I petition somewhere to change it?

I have to say I prefer Rekordbox to Traktor in many ways, which is why i switched, but you were to start locking more functionality to the subscription, I will have no choice but to switch back. I understand that you want to encourage moves to the subscription service, but I think you should also reward people who invest in your hardware, as that is a significant investment in itself.

Colin Redbond

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Agreed. And taking away the DVS and other add-on options for users who choose to stay on RB5 to avoid the litany of problems with RB6 is even worse. You've shafted loyal fans/users of the product in an effort to force them to an updated version that is fraught with problems. 

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