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Video/Karaoke - CDG/MP3 using DDJ-1000, only on decks 1 & 2 allowed?

Greetings! First post!

Just got my DDJ-1000 last week and have had the DDJ-400 since last December.

RE: Using decks 3 & 4 and channels 3 & 4 to play Video/Karaoke using CDG/MP3 files; Using RB 5.8, paid video license. Windows 10 laptops, very capable specs.


Everything's worked fine, both on the 400 and 1000 when using decks 1 & 2. But I want to use decks 3 & 4 and those channels for Video/Karaoke on the DDJ-1000.

This is the set up I'd like, but I'm not able to get the video to play, only sound when using decks 3 & 4.

Laptop 1: Primary for music tracks using RB 6, connected to DDJ-1000 on USB-A for decks 1 & 2, channels 1 & 2. Using RB 6 cause I really dig the new waveform colors.

Laptop 2: Secondary for Video/Karaoke using RB 5.8, connected to DDJ-1000 on USB-B for decks 3 & 4, channels 3 & 4. Using RB 5.8 since I have a paid video license. I get sound but no video.

Given the fact that I've tried the same files on decks 1 & 2 with success, no issues....but encounter no video, only sound on decks 3 & 4, I'm wondering if video is limited to only decks 1 & 2. I'd just like for it to be confirmed so I'm not breaking my head.


I could just swap out the laptops on the inputs, but then that means my music tracks would be playing on channels 3 & 4. Since I mostly use the DDJ-400 using channels 1 & 2, same with the 1000 (if no karaoke that night), I fear that muscle memory will fail me and I'll try to do a mix out on channels 1 & 2 when my music tracks are actually assigned to channels 3 & 4.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Sorry for the long read. I just wanted to be sure to lay everything out. Hopefully, if an answer is provided here, it'll help others that may have this same inquiry.

Rafael Polina

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