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RKB 6 issues am facing

So i updated to rekordbox 6 once it was released 

switch the library and everything no issues. UNTIL 

the amount of latency the software has is over the limit you can't function properly with it at all, it is slow in all aspects ( performance and export ) modes.

selecting tracks, moving between libraries, loading on decks , renaming ... and the list goes on. 

i can say that it is impossible to perform live with such a software build it is frustrating waiting for a minute or 2 to load a track and that's without having the waveform showing still, 

there is an issue also with playback audio quality in export mode when listening to tracks the quality is just obscured  it's like it is compressed down to 128kbps or something really bad and the volume difference between the software output and the original file from finder is huge. 

if anyone else facing these issues please let me know, and if there is a fix for all this. 

i am running 

macOS catalina 

3.3 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i7

16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3


Jad Bouhadir Answered

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I am certainly having some lag issues with the software with re-naming etc - but not the playback issues. I have a very similar spec PC Laptop.


What DJ Kit are you using? How have you wired it?


I would suggest going into performance mode and making sure Lyrics and DVS modes are switched off if you don't use them. May free up the processing a little. Also Settings // Advanced // Brose // Display Playlists Quicker.


I've always found RB to be waaaay quicker when no other processes are active, and preferably on a very very fresh OS.

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hey man , 

glad you told me about those hidden stuff inside i turned off everything, yes the performance became slightly better but still way behind rkb5 flashiness, 

regarding the playback am just listening directly from laptop with jack to rca cable to my monitors, playing from rekordbox the sound is darker and less volume from the finder, i tried different tracks and put rekordbox on max level , changed the bitrate everything still not clear nor loud enough, it is frustrating to sort when you're not hearing clearly and have to put your laptop volume to higher levels so you can get a bit of clear sound.


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Well, that is odd.

In performance mode - RB has a built in mixer which could have effected levels as it does have an auto gain and EQ section - but I don't think that is available in export mode. There is a small volume control on the top right of RB in Export mode though, next to the "My Page" and settings icon - make sure that's all the way up.


I'm very much a PC person, so perhaps a Mac user will chip in, but in Windows, you can set different levels of volume for each piece of software running, that would be the next area I would check if I was having level issues...


Best of luck - hope you find the gremlin!

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