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Delay/Latency DDJ200 and WeDJ for Android

Dear Pioneer, I have a girlriend who is very attached to her family and so I spend a lot of time watching boring detectives-series with them on the couch. I thought it would be smart to buy the ddj200, this way I can make my mixes with a portable charger with the controller on my lap. But then:After installing WeDJ it soon became clear that there is a delay/latency of more than a whole beat!!! So I can't scratch, drop mix, use hotcues properly or do any other tricks with the DDJ200.It really sucks, because now I cant use it at all and I had really had high expectations and hopes....Then I tested the functionalities on the controller with the alternative apps: 'Algoriddim' and 'Edjing'.  There is no delay here.  In other words: a matter of time before you guys solve this problem at WeDJ, right? I hope you are working on it, otherwise you will eliminate a large part of your target group: android users. My question is whether you can solve this quickly so that I can sit on the couch with my in-laws and not have to watch boring English detectives. Thank you in advance! PS: This is my setup: 1× Pioneer DDJ-200 (controller) 1x Samsung Galaxy S7 model SM-G930F (smartphone with Android version: 8.0.0) 1x Xtorm XB201 10.000 mAh (power bank) 1x JBL GO (speaker)  I hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards,
Hans Kont

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Hey Hans,

Sorry for the late reply; the issue is primarily with Bluetooth speakers in that there is a delay of about 220ms if your devices use SBC protocol. For speakers which support aptX there is almost no delay. For this purpose, we recommend using wired output from the mobile device to the speakers.

Thanks for your understanding.

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@Pioneer - your comment re bluetooth does not explain this issue!

I also am having this exact same delay issue with WeDJ on Android, using a WIRED speaker. When I use a trial version of Algoriddum Djay with the same setup, there is no delay. This is on a Samsung S10+


The problem is with your software, please fix!



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