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This is the story of a Halloween I had always hoped to have forgotten, a story where the girl that used to pick on me in school, finally got the best of me.

To get the usual out of the way, if you haven't read my stories before, my name is Maggie Hill, I'm the local tomboy, 5'3", short dark hair, blue eyes, B-cups that look bigger than they are on my tiny runner body frame and most recently I've been told I have a nice bubble butt. All bodily features that no one really knew because I would usually dress in cargo shorts and a baggie hoodie, for all they knew I was as flat as a board under my clothes, and to be honest, raised in such a conservative, religious family, it made my mom happy to some extent.

Well, it was senior year, and Erica, the head cheerleader, and my bitter nemesis, was always known for throwing the craziest parties for Halloween. Not like I was into that kind of thing, but I guess a part of me always wondered what they were like. Awesome costumes, insane food, loud music, and all the scary decorations. One year they even had a corn maze in their backyard because behind their house was nothing but open land that hadn't been developed yet. Yes, Erica's parents were loaded and seemed to indulge their daughter for whatever she wanted.

A week before the big night, Erica was seen walking around the halls with little envelopes, most likely invitations to her party. I decided to just open my locker and ignore her because I had a feeling hell was going to freeze over before I ever got one.
"Hey Margaret," I closed my locker to find Erica there waiting for me, smiling as she leaned on the locker next to mine, "sorry, Maggie, I feel really bad about all the teasing I've been giving you and your friends and I want things to change, it's our senior year after all... here," she handed me an envelope and a chill ran through me, I guess hell had really just frozen over.

"Um, thanks, Erica," was all that I could get out before she hurried off.

"Bring your friends while you're at it, but remember 18 and over only, we are adults now!" she turned and yelled out before vanishing into the crowd.

I wasn't sure if I was excited, or scared, but I figured maybe people could change, maybe she was maturing or her father stopped screwing his secretary and she was finally happy or something...or something. I'd like to say the rest of the week till that night went normally, but she was extra nice to me every single day.

"Hey, Maggie! Cool hoodie Maggie! Hey, the machine spit out an extra soda and thought you might want it," every day it was something new and although she was being really nice, it kind of made me feel uneasy, even my friends were a little weirded out by the change of personality.

Well the day finally came and I decided to dress up as, a nurse, no, not a sexy nurse, they were scrubs that my sister left behind when she used to volunteer at the local hospital. After all I am a tomboy, remember? You weren't going to catch me in one of those slutty outfits.
I called and told my friends I would meet them at the party because I decided to stop at the drug store and buy a hospital mask to complete the outfit. But when I finally arrived, the house was just as crazy as I thought it would be, gravestones and iron fences outside, along with animatronic zombies and I think they actually hired scare actors dressed as goblins and monsters to scare people that strolled by the house.

I made my way in to be instantly greeted by Erica who was dressed up as Cleopatra, a very expensive Cleopatra, with an Egyptian wig, make-up, silk gown, the works, I wish I had that kind of money.

She made a noise that sounded like a happy squeal, "OMG, I love your costume, it's so retro, like from that show, what was it called again?"

"Scrubs?" I answered, confused.

"Yeah! Wait, wait right here I want to introduce you to someone," she ran off, not exactly sure how in the silk sandals she was wearing.

She made her way back, pushing through the crowd with Brian, the captain of the football team in tow, looking like he wasn't really sure what was going on. I could see his costume; he was dressed up as Tom Cruise from Interview with the Vampire and pulling it off rather well.

"Hey, this is!" Erica came, still pulling Brian and being so short and him so tall, he came crashing into me, spilling his drink all over me.

"Oh god, I'm so sorry, Erica was pulling and all these people and," Brian was being nice but Erica immediately cut him off.

"This won't do, come with me, we'll need to find you something to wear," she grabbed my hand now pulling me up the stairs towards her room.

"It's ok, really, it's fruit punch, if anything it looks like blood."

When we got into her room, it was massive, her closet alone was as big as my room. She quickly picked out an outfit and threw it onto the bed, it was a cheerleading outfit, our schools to be exact.

Dana Harington

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