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Cloud Sync / Dropbox issues

I have 3 devices, iMac, Macbook Pro and iPhone, and have had issues across all 3 with Cloud Sync, but if we can just focus on the iMac and Macbook Pro for now.

I have Rekordbox V6.02 on Creative Plan with a Dropbox Pro account and c20,000 track library stored in the cloud.

The Macbook Pro is used for dj'ing and the iMac for editing, the problem I face is that I when I add cue points, active loops and hot cues they only save to the track on that device. All tracks are on the cloud and have the cloud symbol confirming this, but the data doesn't write to the other machine, despite the Rekordbox and Dropbox system tray icon's stating the library is up to date.

Even more strange is that I if I update the info on the tag, it does write across correctly.

Other problems related to this are that the playlists only show on one machine and not the other, also when I delete tracks, it also only deletes on the machine I have deleted it on.

My goal is to have on library operating across 2 machines with all updates and edits reflected on both (and once this is resolved also on my iPhone).

What am I doing wrong - or is this a fault?

Thanks in advance

AMK Answered

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Same issues my man... Can we please get a response on this issue!!!

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I have the exact same issues between the following:
MacBook Pro 2018 i7 16 GB (Primary Machine)
Windows 10 i7 32 GB (Secondary Machine)
iPad Mini 5 iOS 13 (Tablet)

Sometimes sync works and sometimes it does not. Just tested a fresh import from RB5 to RB6.0.2.  All imported fine but after editing playlists and adding new songs nothing synced. 


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