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Upcoming MacOS support

When MacOS Big Sur was released last year, compatibility with Rekordbox was truly horrible. Drivers were impossible to install and this was a direct result of Pioneer not preparing early enough for the update release. You are part of Apple's developer program and should have no problem getting things ready the day MacOS updates are announced. Telling users not to update is deplorable.

Now that MacOS Monterey has been announced and that developer betas are available, I sincerely hope you are doing all that is possible in order to avoid what happened last year. 

Thank you.

Joakim Spadola Answered

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Hey Joakim,

I get it if you were frustrated, but perhaps educating yourself as to why there was no day-one support would be beneficial.

This was not a matter of us being on a developer plan or not - there were problems with macOS 11.0 and 11.1 which blocked not only Pioneer DJ, but the majority of 3rd party audio and HID devices from communicating properly with the OS. It was only after the release of 11.2 in February that our drivers were finally functional and thus available to the public.

As Big Sur was a major update for Apple's macOS system, I don't expect we'll see the same issue in Monterey, however we can't guarantee it, nor can we have assurances from Apple that there won't be any bugs or changes made between the "golden master" beta release and the final public version.

Thanks for your understanding.

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