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I am thinking about getting the Pioneer ddj RZ, but may end up with the ddj 1000. Can I use the ddj XP 1 or XP 2 to activate the record feature on Rekordbox. Not to record my performance, but to use the record feature live similar to how you use it on the ddj RZ so that I can record as I play my set and then use it as part of my performance. Hope I made this clear and that you can help me answer this. Thanks, Gary

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You mean the sampler sequence recorder?

The Sampler Sequence record function is only available as a hardware unlock with the DDJ-RZX / RZ / RX / RR devices. For all other hardware, you would need to subscribe to the Creative plan.

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I was trying to get info on ordering the DDJ-RZ and my GC Pro rep told me that it is discontinued.  Is this the case?  I actually like the size and portability of the ddj 1000, so i am leaning in that direction.  

I have a question about the "RMX EFFECTS" feature that is offered on the paid subscription.  I am not really drawn to the cloud based features or the fact that you can go between equipment easily.  Perhaps later I will appreciate that.

What i am interested are the RMX EFFECTS.  Are the ones that you get with the subscription different from the regular performance ones that are offered in v5 or Rekordbox?  

I did see an iPad version of the RMX 1000 hardware device.  Is this what is offered with the subscription?

Just trying to figure out what I am getting for the extra $149 per year.  I had pretty much decided that I would go with Rekordbox as opposed to Serato and then when I found out that you needed a subscription, I was disappointed.  

I am going to get the ddj 1000, just don't know if I should go for the SRT version and Serato software or jump down the subscription rabbit hole.  It subscription wasn't involved, I would probably go with Rekordbox.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


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