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XDJ-XZ Audio out issues when using with a PC


I just bought my XDJ-XZ, when I use my USBs it works great, but when I use Rekordbox on my Computer (Windows 10) the audio sounds awful, as if the speakers were broken.

I have checked that I have the latest firmware and drivers installed.

My settings are XDJ-XZ ASIO for the audio, external mixer selected and all settings match the ones I found on the troubleshooting page here.

But still audio sounds really bad, also the Rekordbox program blinks, specially the wavelength of the track, that blinks matches the audio issues that you hear.

Hope someone can help, thank you so much in advance.



Henry Monge Porras Answered

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Hi Henry,

It could be that you have an issue with your computer causing the audio issues, but I'd suggest you start by verifying that the XZ is NOT assigned as the Windows default audio device in the Sound settings. The next thing to check is the audio buffer size in the rekordbox preferences - you may want to increase the size. If you still have issues, please file an inquiry ticket here and our support team will gather some additional information to assist you in resolving this issue.

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