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Looping in Sync/ Phase - when a track is halved!!!

In the 2nd half of any loop, if the loop is halved, the loop resets to the beginning of the loop instead of staying on the beat as seen in the vid in the below link.


At 1st I thought this was the way Rekordbox was designed - even tho this behaviour is not found on other software and is offsetting for djs who use looping a lot in our mixes - but then I saw a post where Pulse mentioned in a post from 2016 that it's an 'issue' to be changed.

Based on that I trust the team is fully aware and I'm just wondering why this haven't been resolved with all the updates happening as we're going forward, and will it ever be.

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Sorry, not sure why it's still an issue however we'l pass this to the rekordbox team again.

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