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Migration finally complete. Ddj-rzx, rb-dmx1, ddj-xp1

Hey guys so 5 months and 5,000 dollars after migrating to rekordbox from serato i finally got it to work as it should and here are my tip to hopefully help if you struggling adapting to rekordbox Let me start by saying that if i knew it would be this expensive i would have never migrated so i hope this will help you save some money. With serato i never had performance issues with my computer its a macbook pro i5 processor. With rekordbox it was very laggy and it would even freeze at times even though it would meet the software requirements i upgrated to one that met the recomended requirements and still very laggy performance. So i bought another computer that finally worked well and it was a retina macbook pro. I guess the adition of the Nvidia graphics on the retina macbook pro made the difference. The ddj-rzx seems to require alot of graphic memory and processor power. So go big buy a really good powerful computer if you want thing to go smooth. The lighting feature needs lot of work and needs to any many many fixtures. But with a little bit of ingenuity its an amazing feature. My tip for you is get many par lights you can set them as par or bar lights so do both. Moving heads are your best option. And for the rest of the effect lights lasers and fixtures that arent suported just try other fixures that would support the same amount of channels and i guarantee you one will make it work. For example i have the stinger 2 from adj and works with the fixture of the storm fx from cameo. And if that dont work you can always set them as direct dmx control and bam problem solved. Any light will work. Use a pad controller like the ddj-xp1 for easy control while mixing live. I was super pissed when i first started the migration but after many hours of research trial and error i finally figured out how to work and now im very very happy i did. Why would i leave serato you ask? after more than 10 years. Simple they remove the 100% tempo range aka wide feaure and anybody who is been djing for so long as i have will know how fun the wide tempo is. So remeber buy a powerful computer, get creative with the lighting setup, midi pads are helpful 👌 and have fun. Cheers
Hadmetl Aguayo

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