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Rekordbox and Serato controller

Hi, is there a way I can connect a Serato controller (Mixars primo) to a rekordbox software? just got my controller a few months ago and I don't want to replace it for now but I see rekordbox is much more popular so I want to invest my time practicing on rekordbox.

Thanks in advance.

vertigo Answered

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Yes and no...

rekordbox can allow MIDI devices to be used (you'd need to map it yourself), but only in conjunction with a subscription, or another hardware device which unlocks the software. Additionally, the jogs of a non-Pioneer DJ product cannot be mapped for pitch bending or scratching as that is locked out.

Why not give the 30 day trial of a subscription a go, and if you find it works as you want, then consider continuing the subscription or purchasing some compatible hardware.

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