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Gobos in rekordbox lighting

Hi, I'm looking to moving over to the rekordbox ecosystem and buying the ddj1000 one of the main reason I am considering this is you lighting mode but I am being put off as it appears that not even gobo section is available opinion let alone prysm etc?? Surly this can't be the case...I have been reading through past comments and this was requested years ago so it it still hasn't been implemented then shame on pioneer as these are basic functions on modern intelligent lighting. Your competitors have managed it!! I feel really sorry for the customers who bought the RB dmx for a ton of cash and then be ignored for years to have such a simple feature added. And no dmx overide is not a solution it's a cop out
Craig brace Answered

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We are still making improvements to the lighting application and hope these requests are able to be implemented. Thanks for your feedback.

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