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Public beta version of rekordbox ver. 6.5.3 released on July. 20

Thank you very much for joining rekordbox BETA testing! Please read the following and agree to the contents before running BETA.

  • Backup your tracks and database before using BETA.

         Select [File] > [Library] > [Backup Library] in the menu bar.

  • Stable performance is not guaranteed in this BETA testing. DO NOT use in public places such as clubs.
  • We do not assume any responsibility with respect to any losses or damages including data loss. 

Please download and install it from the links below and send your feedback to us in this forum page.

Download links :

 Public beta - ver. 6.5.3 Beta


    Win 64bit


Summary of new features :


  • Added PING PONG and HELIX to Beat FX



  • Metal framework is used for some screen rendering on Mac.
    If you find any graphics problems on Mac, please post a screenshot on this forum page with information about the model and macOS you are using.
  • The ESC key is now used to clear the search string in the browse search filter.



  • Downloaded songs may not be displayed in Promo Locker of browse tree when Inflyte songs are set to be downloaded to USB storage device.
  • On a controller equipped with an FX AUTO/TAP button, the button does not light up correctly when switching to AUTO or TAP mode.
  • After changing the auto gain, the auto gain setting would not be saved if the song was ejected after the analysis was locked.
  • Preview waveform and BPM may not be synchronized in Cloud Library Sync.




Known issues related to the graphics engine change in rekordbox for Mac

  • When switching between PERFORMANCE mode and EDIT mode, the overall waveform is displayed in duplicate, and the overall waveform does not disappear even if the song is unloaded.


For DDJ-RZX users

  • When you resize the screen by double-clicking the title bar of rekordbox, the preview images and the video panel on DDJ-RZX will stop momentarily.
  • If you switch the deck layout during video playback, the preview images and video panel image on DDJ-RZX will stop momentarily.
  • When the screen size of rekordbox is changed, the preview image of DDJ-RZX becomes jerky.
  • The enlarged waveform is not displayed on the MASTER display of DDJ-RZX.
  • Crash while connecting DDJ-RZX




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