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Folder containing playlists accidentally deleted from library

I stupidly allowed someone to "play" with my controller and laptop at the weekend and since reopening rekordbox to tweak a set I'm doing at the weekend, a folder called "sets" which contains playlists of every set I've ever done and ones I'm currently working on has disappeared from my library. That's years of work! I've checked in the other folders to see if they've been dragged into those by mistake but literally cannot find it anywhere. I don't do backups, didn't realise I could and from what I can find from searching the Internet as long as I've not opened rekordbox more than 3 times since it happened, I can restore an auto backup. Thing is I'm really nervous about doing it because from what I've read, some MAC users have lost their whole library doing it. I'm using Windows. I have found the file I need to restore, it's datafile.backup3.edb. These are the instructions I've been told to follow :

Follow these steps closely : Close Rekordbox and wait untill it is shut down First copy above mentioned 4 files to a folder on your Desktop (=safety backup) Rename 'datafile.edb' to 'datafile.edb.original' Rename 'datafile.backup.edb' to 'datafile.edb' (or choose the file with the proper timestamp) Start Rekordbox

So my question is, does this actually work? If it all goes wrong and my entire library disappears, what steps can I take to ensure I can get it back? Bear in mind I can't open rekordbox again now if I want to do this cos it's backup 3 I need and will be overwritten if I open it again. I have copied the 4 files into a folder on my desktop, if it goes wrong, can I simply overwrite these back into the folder and all will go back to the way it was before I tried to restore the backup? I 'm running the latest version of rekordbox. Thanks for any help.

Tiffany Newman

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