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Recording in Export Mode with DJM V-10

There seems be no information on this around the web in regards to recording mixes in rekordbox export mode from the v-10. 

I have a v-10 and 3 x cdj 3000's all with latest firmware and a core subscription.

Plugged v-10 into my Macbook via the USB A.

Open recordbox in export mode and the red record button is not clickable. 

My V-10 utility is set to mix record out for usb 11/12

I checked in rekordbox settings and I cannot select an input device under record.

I would like to resolve this asap as I need to record for a radio show.




Gekkie Answered

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Did you allow rekordbox access to audio inputs by going to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy (tab) > Microphone (left) > rekordbox (right) and ticking the box?

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