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Rekordbox greyed out tracks

I have the same issue that has been posted many times here. I have many tracks in the collection, that are completely playable but can not be exported to usb-drive. And they all are greyed: https://yadi.sk/i/qBmNm-6PVNQ6mA.

1. The files are on the external drive.

2. I have been subscribed to a Creative Plan and used some tracks from the cloud, but then I've unsubscribed and manually recreated the collection since you can not simply transfer tracks back using the interface.

3. I've compared a greyed track with a normal one, they have different paths. The grey ones have an additional level in the folder structure and a space that doesn't exist in reality. Here are the screenshots. Greyed track's path: https://yadi.sk/i/lWL2deMrL525_A. Normal track's path: https://yadi.sk/i/dMILfL6HJrSb1A.

4. I've checked that if I manually delete the track from the collection and re-add it, it becomes normal. But it seems to be a crazy task to manually re-add all greyed tracks because not all of them are greyed and it would be done one by one.

Need an urgent workaround because the issue blocks me from preparing a gig.

Serge Vasin

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