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Space before artist name keeps returning after edit

A space before the artist name keep returning after editing it and closing RB. 

I have a few tracks I was a bit sloppy with before importing into RB. It contains a space before the artist name. 
I edit it so the space doesn't mess things when I sort on artist. But after closing RB and opening it the next day the space has returns to the affected tracks. 

The tracks are a combination of those I imported in in 2018, 2019 and even as recent as July 2021. And involves MP3, AIFF and FLAC files.
In 2019 I started editing my tags in ID3 2.4.

Is there anything I can, except reload tags and lose tag info that aren't written to the file but to the database.
What could have caused it?

RB 6.5.2 (was also the case with 6.5.1)
Windows 10 19042.1110 (was also the case on MacOS)
Cloud Library Sync is enabled (syncs to MacOS computer and Google Pixel 4 device)


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Ok, this issue seems to be solved now. 

The only change I made was disconnecting my 2nd computer which I emigrated from to my Windows computer. 
I proceeded to factory reset the 2nd computer and re-enable it again as 2nd computer. 

If I have to speculate it seems old data on the 2nd computer (which used to be the primary) caused some some weird confliction with Cloud Sync

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