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2 XDJ 1000s don't turn on


I recently replaced a button in an XDJ 1000 and cleaned out some "drops or beer" behind the circuit board of the track seek, loop, vinyl, reverse, etc. buttons. After a quick test with the unit open it powered up, then I screwed the circuit board back in place and closed the unit. Now it doesn't power on anymore. Not even a tiny flash from any of the LEDs or screen, not even standby LED, nothing at all, completely dead.

Now of course it's totally possible that I accidentally damaged some component, but I doubt it because:
* The button panel circuit board is really not that fragile. At least not as fragile as the main assy which is safely behind it's metal cover.
* I worked on a lot of computers and phones in my live with more fragile components and never had such thing happen to me.
* Last but not least it happened to both units in the same week! One accidentally broken? Maybe. 2 with the exact same issue? Nope!

I probed the board at some places:
* The main fuse is fine.
* After turning the unit on the power supply only outputs standby (+7.6V), all other power rails are off.
* Standby power and ground are available where they should be on all boards.

It looks like the power supply should be told to turn on so it puts power on the other rails but it isn't.
Am I missing something here?
Is this some kind of safety mechanism?
Should I reset something?
I have the schematics, but is there other documentation with diagnostic steps like there used to be for older products?
I'm pretty sure that if we send this to an official service center they are just going to replace some expensive component while I believe this is really only a minor issue that prevents the PSU from turning on.

Stan Wijckmans Answered

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