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TORAIZ SQUID - Feature Requests

1. Auto Clock Switch ... it's such a pain that I can't start the sequencer if there is no external clock - normally I want it to run to an external clock, but sometimes I don't want to start the master clock ... so I have to search around in the menu ... that's extremely annoying to me
2. dedicated drum-mode
3. per Step probability
4. patternlength ... I find it strange that you can only specify the pattern length in 16 steps ... for odd lengths steps must be deactivated
5. scale mode ...it's somewhat annyoing that in the non-chroamtic scales so many keys get disabled, i'd prefer that only playable keys are visible
6. hold mode - it can be very useful -ewiter for the Arp or for playing drones to have a hold or drone-mode
7. Track Mute ... It is totally irritating that you cannot see which tracks are muted in track selection mode.
8. pattern chain and song-mode are missing
9. Track-count - why there are only have 16 tracks? But there are 50 outputs
10. Patternlength ... 64 Steps? 256 would nice
11. Instrument-definitions ... easily accessible presets for certain synths .. with Output,Channel, named CCs
12. negative Latenzcompensation
13. pitch clear
14. post quantisation
15. randomplaymode




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