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XDJ-ZX macOs Big Sur not master output after reboot

Hi guys, yesterday I updated my Macbook pro to "macOs Big Sur 11.6", I follow all the steps to install the driver correctly;

  1. Disconect XDJ-ZX
  2. Unistall old drivers
  3. Restart Mac
  4. Install new drivers
  5. Aprove the security permission and allow app.
  6. Restart Mac

I connecte the XDJ-ZX to macbook in performance mode, I can select the music and load to the desk but the master audio not run and the sound is heard by the computer, the mixer faders not run too.

In this moment I disconnect th XDJ-ZX and reinstall the drivers and all run ok, but if I turn off the computer, restart or sleep, the bug appears again and I need to reinstall again the drivers.

I check the system information, and the driver isn't disabled.

What can I do?

- Macbook Pro 2016 Intel Core i5

- Rekordbox 6.5.3


Rubén Mora Answered

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