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Toraiz SP-16 - Free space of the built-in memory is less than 10MB - nothing helps

Hi, I've deleted all the files from my Toraiz SP-16. Additionally, I've deleted the trashcan on my PC while having the unit connected to my computer, but anytime I turn on the unit, I get the warning pop-up: "Free space of the built-in memory is less than 10MB".

I first got the warning out of nowhere a few days ago. First, I deleted some samples to try and makde more space available, but that didn't help either: the warning kept showing up.

Finally, I made a copy of all my sessions to an external USB stick and deleted all the sessions and samples from the Toraiz SP-16, but again, no luck.


I have the latest firmware installed, and I also tried re-installing it since I couldn't figure out anything else.


Please, I'd greatly appreciate any help! I'm trying to finish a record and this is really messing up everything for me.

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Hi Vieno,

When I connected my SP-16 to my Mac, I used a small included app called Disk Utility and I simply reformatted my SP-16 internal memory (MS-DOS FAT format) and that wiped everything clean.

Does your computer have something like that?

Rhythm Droid
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