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XDJ 1000 MK2 CPU ERROR breaks hardware for doing update


I can't believe that because of disconnecting an usb by mistake in the middle of the update will make the hardware go wrong. No i bought the player used so I can't return them. The pioneer service representative in my area just told me this happen to xdj and cdjs players. It's unbelievable that such and expensive brand has this issue. I am so frustrated, $400 I have to pay to fix this wow. It blows my mind. Pioneer do better since you are overpriced!
Jeremias Paez Answered

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Hi, are you still able to enter the service menu / update by this procedure?

Please turn on a power supply, pushing both the buttons of LOOP IN and RELOOP./EXIT (Please continue pushing until "Pioneer LOGO" screen disappears.)
It is displayed the message of "Connect a USB storage device to the USB port."

And putting in a freshly formatted (FAT32) usb-stick with fresh copy of firmware file.

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