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Upgrading from creative to professional


Whats the procedure to change from creative to professional plan?

As there is a dropbox subscription included in the professional plan, what will happen to my current dropbox plan? Will I keep my dropbox account and all the data on the cloud already? Do I need to cancel my current plan? etc etc

Can you speak me through the whole process please?

dean curtis Answered

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Hi Dean,

The procedure is just a matter of logging in and changing the plan. So long as you're not in a trial period, you're able to switch.

Dropbox is included in the Pro plan.

You can keep your existing Dropbox subscription, or cancel it. If it's an annual subscription, you'll receive a pro-rated refund on that from Dropbox.

If you keep the existing (personal) Dropbox account, the data stays there. If you cancel it, your data migrates over seamlessly, no re-uploading required.

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I didn't get a pro-rata refund on my personal annual subscription after cancelling my personal plan. How do I get that sorted out?

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