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Device categories greyed out

I have been using two 128GB USBs for the past two years and have arranged the device categories to show artists, album, playlist, key etc for several shows. I understand how to edit these in rekordbox. Now, all of a sudden, some of the categories are greyed out (playlist, track, folder, history, search). I really need to use the playlist category for shows and mixes but I can't even deactivate it - it is just greyed out.

I have also noticed that the same thing occurs when editing the active categories for my XDJ-R1. The same ones are greyed out. Moreover, the controller itself refuses to read any categories except for the default "contents" folder that only allows me to search by artist. I just bought this and am pretty frustrated by this bug.

Please help. See screenshot below.

Christian Guidone Answered

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Those "greyed out" categories are the defaults which you can't remove, only sort.

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