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Rekordbox Licence + Cable for connecting to cdj

Hello there, I had two questions.

I recently wanted to pair my laptop with a cdj-2000. This didn't work because I think I only had 1 cable with me that I connected. Do I need to connect more than one?

I was also told that to pair a cdj-2000 with a laptop you need a cdj-2000 specific license.

Anyone who can help me?

Emiel De Grauwe Answered

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If you want to use the CDJ to control rekordbox in performance mode, you'll need a subscription to at least the CORE plan for rekordbox. That requires you to connect the players via USB.

If you want to link the players to use rekordbox as a glorified hard drive (same as you would with a USB stick in the player), you can use rekordbox in export mode, and that's free. Connect the players via ethernet to achieve this configuration.

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