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CDJ 900 NXS freezes every 2-3 hours in Rekordbox Performance Mode

Hey guys

I've been djing in a club for 5+ years where they have this CDJ 900NXS/DJM900 NXS setup. I've always deejayed using a 2014 MacBook Pro and Rekordbox performance in HID mode, with the DJM as soundcard, which was fine, never had any problems. 

During lockdown I bought a 2018 i7 MacBook Pro (MacOS 11.0.1.) and now I keep having this issues with HID mode during allnighters. Everything is fine, but after 2-3 hours one of the CDJ's freezes and doesn't do anything in Rekordbox, but I can still switch to USB and play tracks without any problem, so the issue must be on the rekordbox side of it. 

The strange thing is, when it happens once, both CDJ's alternately freeze every 5 minutes or so. When I restart my Macbook, I can play for another 2-3 hours without any problems until the issue reappears...

The CDJ's are up-to-date... 
Any ideas? 

Christopher Profil

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If you're still on macOS 11.0, you really should update since the Pioneer DJ products weren't supported prior to 11.2, and the current OS is 11.6.

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