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DJM-S11 Settings Reset

I've seen several posts stating that the entire mixer will randomly reset itself to default settings/fx parameters and there hasn't really been a solution other than to keep the mixer on at all times. Getting everything dialed back in takes time and I question why there isn't some kind of config file that gets backed up or saved. Maybe we're not aware of it? I'm on the latest firmware, have the latest 1.010 driver and using the latest version of Serato. I was really hopeful that the last driver update would solve that issue, but it's still present. I am on the PC platform, but there are MAC users who have the same issue. 

Pioneer, is this being looked into? All the threads I've viewed have little to no feedback. I did see one thread where a rep said that in standalone mode fx settings will not be recalled due to a situation where the mixer is installed in a venue to prevent any confusion with custom settings amongst djs. I get that for stand alone mode. However, I use the mixer with the PC utility and yet it still manages to go to default at random.

I love this mixer when it keeps my settings, but it's gotten to the point where I'll take out my 70 if my settings on the S11 decide not to load up when I'm setting up at a gig. Why? It's a combination of not having the time to set up my parameters exactly how I want it and the little bit of anger that comes up for something that I shouldn't have to worry about on a $2000 dollar mixer. Sorry for the rant but it's hard to  believe with all the technology that is the S11, it's the "saving of settings" function that's broken. 

Jeremy Mantele Answered

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The settings on the mixer are retained on the mixer. The settings on the computer are retained on the computer. If you connect the mixer to the computer, the computer settings overwrite those on the mixer, but are not retained if you disconnect it.

So the short answer is so long as you have the settings saved in your computer, each time you connect the mixer, the mixer gets the settings updated.

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