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Still not possible to delete Samples directly in the unit...

Thank you for the reply and that you closed the "Delete a sample on Toraiz SP 16?" thread for further comments.

Still having to go through that

Step 1: Press the gear icon.

Step 2: Scroll to SYSTEM > USB MASS STORAGE MODE and press the encoder.

Step 3: Confirm.

Step 4: Connect USB to your computer.

Step 5: Open the NO NAME device.

Step 6: Open the PIONEER DJ SAMPLER\SAMPLES\SAVED folder. Navigate the folders files within (projects) and samples within them, delete or copy as needed.

procedure to delete a sample/resample is absolutely tedious, if not to say a major PITA, and exactly what I'm pretty much tired of doing with such a unit.

It's unbelievable that after over 5 years it still isn't availabe/possible to delete samples directly, standalone in the unit itself, I'am sorry.

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I hear you 1 2, this sounds very tedious indeed.  I will forward this concern to the R&D team and add my feedback that it is very tedious and annoying. Thank you.

Rhythm Droid
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BTW, you can do it on the DJS-1000....

BROWSE -> left column -> DELETE -> ARE YOU SHURE? -> YES

BANG....sample gone within two seconds.


- Find a running computer

- find a USB cable

- connect the TORAIZ to the computer via USB

- Press GEAR icon

- scroll to System


- press ENCODER

- confirm

- open the NO NAME device on your computer

- open the Pioneer DJ Sampler/Samples/Saved folder


Come on Pioneer, this is ridiulous....

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