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Using DAC with DDJ400 ans Rekordbox. Sound problems

The audio quality on the DDJ400 seemed low and I already had this DAC from years ago https://www.techspot.com/products/sound-cards/asus-xonar-essence-one-usb.80471/ so I thought I would try combine this with the DDJ400 and Rekordbox. I've plugged the headphones into the DAC with a 6.35mm headphone cable and plugged the speakers into DAC with a white and red Tulip cable. When playing audio from Rekordbox it always plays the audio to the headphones and speakers at the same time. I am unable to separate one song on the headphones and one song on the speakers. Is this because the DAC is limited and only able to output one audio file at a time? The other option is to plug the earphones directly into the DDJ400 and leave the speakers connected to the DAC. But If i do this then the headphones don't work at all. I am guessing this is because I have my Audio set to my DAC In the rekordbox settings. Is there any way to get this to work?


If I simply ignore the DAC and just connect everything directly to the DDJ400 then it works fine and I am able to listen to different songs on the headphones and speakers at the same time. I'm looking for a way to still be able to use my DAC for the main speakers due to the increased audio quality. But for the headphones it doesn't matter about quality as long as it can still play a different audio file.

Dave J

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