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Track won't play after renaming them in Rekordbox

I've been working and preforming a few years with Rekordbox now and it always works fine. But now I have some issues. 

If I rename a track in the playlist, it won't play anymore. Example: I imported the track 'Rain Radio - Talk about'. But the whole track name is the track title box and I copy/cut 'Rain Radio' to the artist box since it's empty and it will help me find it better. Somehow the file won't play anymore after renaming it. It does this play directly after I changed the name, but if I select another song and then try to reload the song I just renamed, it won't play and the waveforms are gone.

I tried reinstalling Rekordbox three times already (6.5.3 rev.21611-18948-18917) and I also updated my Macbook to MacOS Monterey version 12.0.1 to see if that would help to solve the issue. It was running on Catalina before. But it still is there.

Anyone suggestions? It's really annoying that tracks seem to get corrupted if you change the names.


Karim Van de Zande

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Hi Karim,

Are the songs in iTunes / Music? rekordbox itself doesn't modify the file, only the metadata.

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