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CDJ 1 (Left Ch 1) controls track on (Right Ch 2 screen) // CDJ 2ł(Right Ch 2) stopped & no longer reads |// CDJ 2 won't allow Player number change in menu aisle

So had everything set up and working  properly with my CDJ 2000. 

Came back the other day and suddenly when turned on the left CDJ (L CH 1) now controls the track on R CH 2 on the screen. CDJ 2 (R CH 2 ) now controls nothing but my frustration and isn't recognized anymore. I had made no changes to the set up at all. No one has access to my gear.  Very confused.

Tried to troubleshoot by renaming CDJ 2's player number to   "CDJ 3"  in the PLAYER Number menu aisle, but it refuses to change the name

Been working on fixing this for a few days now. any help appreciated

Tina Merrie Newman

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Hey Tina,

Sometimes that happens because of the order the CDJs were connected via USB. Try disconnecting one of the players and reboot everything, then verify the setup with just one player, and connect the second after it's working.

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