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Native ARM Support with Rekordbox?

Wondering when Pioneer plan to update Rekordbox to be native on ARM/Apple silicone? 

Runs "OK" at the moment through rosetta, but is buggy, and a huge CPU/Battery hog because of the rosetta translation. Native ARM support would make the software a lot nicer to use.



65% CPU usage from having rekordbox open and playing a single track in export, whereas somehow Ableton running native on Apple Silicone can easily handle two dozen tracks all running software synths and way less cpu usage...hmmm

Brooke Whatnall Answered

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Hi Brooke,

65% is actually nothing when you have something like 1000% available as it adds up the cores. You may actually have DVS, Video, Lyric, or Lighting enabled (as they are by default for some reason), try disabling those and see if that helps.

We don't currently have a timeline for native Mac silicon support, but our engineers are looking into it.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Yeah, but it's still eating up too much CPU which it shouldn't. I posted about it here https://forums.pioneerdj.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/900001887566-bpm-to-ID3

Ofc new computers have more power available but why don't you optimize the code like every other software company does? Each time i use rekordbox i find so many bugs and quirks, it's pretty much annoying.  Pioneer CDJs are literally in every club worldwide, and still you provide all DJs a very slow developing piece of software, full of bugs. Why is there no timeline for M1, after ONE entire YEAR that it has been out? 

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