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Severe bugs when moving the database to an external drive

Hi Pioneer,

I moved my database following these steps to an external drive:



But this seems buggy:

1) Why does the original Database stay in the place of origin and doesn't get removed? Just takes up space. In my case 3GB at  ~/Library/Pioneer/rekordbox

"moving" would mean removing it where it was before and putting it to the new location. And use the data from there from that moment. Or what am i missing out?

So to free space on my internal HDD i deleted ~/Library/Pioneer/rekordbox (= the old location that shouldn't get used). THEN ALL SETTINGS ARE MISSING in the Sync Manager disappear ! No checkbox is selected any longer in the iTunes row.


Settings before deleting (with a couple of playlists selected)


Settings after deleting (all settings missing):


After some trial an error i found out that the file playlists3.sync NEEDS to stay in the original location, no matter if the library is moved. If i delete it, all sync settings are gone.

Why is this file not written/read from the external drive? Because this would mean that if it'd plug in the external HDD to another computer and select that library i can't access the sync settings, right?



2) Why is the moved database take up DOUBLE HDD SPACE?

Before it was ~ 3GB:


After i moved it it has 2x the folder USBANLZ and Artwork on the drive which takes up 3GB each. Why is that?



Andre P

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