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I have plugged in the RB DMX1 directly to the io on my computer, running windows 10 fully updated. The driver fails to install properly and I am left with an unknown device, I have tried both the usb 2 and 3 ports, I have no control of my lights. Is there a driver download somewhere?

Richard Hipsey

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Hi Richard,

No drivers required, it's a plug-and-play device.

Open your Device Manager, view by Connection and follow the chain to see if there are any devices which you can't identify. Open the properties and check the Hardware ID on the Details tab; the VID should be 2B73, and the PID should be 0022.

If you happen to find the right one, right-click and uninstall it back in the Device Manager window. Disconnect, reboot, open the device manager again and then connect it to see if it works.

Without rekordbox running, the LED on the top should blink.

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